Our History

1915 1915 Hospital Image

The Foundation of AIC Kijabe Hospital

The hospital was founded with the mission to provide compassionate care to the community.

1920 1920 Hospital Image

Early Expansion

Theodore Hospital, then, and patients waiting to be seen in the mini outpatient facility.

1950s 1950s Hospital Image

Post-War Growth

In the 1950s, the hospital's actual foundations were made, laying the foundation to what we have today.

1960s 1960s Hospital Image

A New Era of Medicine

The decade brought modern medical practices and the establishment of a nursing school.

1980s 1980s Hospital Image

Technological Advancements

Introduction of advanced medical equipment and specialized treatments.

2014 2014 Hospital Image

Continued Excellence

The hospital celebrated a century of service, reflecting on past achievements and planning for the future.

2020 2020 Hospital Image

Facing Global Challenges

AIC Kijabe Hospital played a crucial role in responding to the global health crisis.

2022 (1) 2022 Hospital Image

Innovation and Adaptation

The hospital implemented innovative health solutions to enhance patient care.

2022 (2) Another 2022 Hospital Image

Expanding Horizons

Further expansion of the hospital's capacity and outreach programs.