Our Services

AIC Kijabe Hospital offers a variety of services to ensure you maintain your health.

General Outpatient

Our General Outpatient Clinic is your first point of contact for comprehensive healthcare services.


This is a surgical specialty clinic that offers advanced surgical care for patients with urology conditions.


Our orthopaedics surgeons are known for their excellent skills in caring for the bones.

Family Medicine

Our family physicians are able to see anyone in the family while providing each with expert care.


We value our women and their unique needs. We facilitate their desire to have children.


Children belong to the community; as part of your child's community, we have a complex suite that is specifically dedicated to the special needs your child.


We take care of screening, early detection, and curative aspects for cancer at every stage.

Plastic Surgery

Our specialized team of this special surgery aims at restoring the quality of life along with function.


Our physiotherapy department is charged with ensuring that you get the best physio and exercise to regain health.


Our general surgery team will ensure that you get expert help particularly pertaining to matters that need surgery.

Head and Neck

Our Head and Neck team or ENT will provide you with expert help for conditions that appertain to the same.


Part of the larger ENT team, the audiology team is charged with ensuring that you get the best audio services.